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Will Registry

A Will Registry is simply a way to make finding the location of your Will (or other important document) easier.

If you are visiting this site you have probably just made a Will and you've probably told the important people in your life where the Will is stored. But in 10, 20 or 50 years will they remember? Will they still be alive?

Very few people can predict the future. It may be that you out-live everyone you know, your relatives may become more distant (not always such a bad thing), and of course friends always come and go. Studies have shown that most people will die at some point in their Life . . . usually towards the end. So when you finally decide to shuffle off this mortal coil the people who need to find the latest copy of your Will may not be able to find it so easily.

Our Will Registry will allow them to key in your name and see if you have lodged your details with us. If they find a record which matches their knowledge of your life and movements they can apply to us for the location of your Last Will and Testament. They will need to apply in writing and face a phone interview before we will release your details - this should discourage any improper use.

Although we have tried to lighten up this page with some attempts at humour, being able to track down the latest version of your Will is very important. We get many emails from distraught relatives trying to track down a Will that they know has been made, but now cannot be found.

From this page you can:

Note that we do not actually store the documents themselves, just a record of their location.

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