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DrAmirKhanGP Yorkshire and The Humber Still some tickets left for my upcoming live events Lots of laughter, political satire and #MamaKhan stories Every penny I make will be given to charities supporting the survivors of the Syria-Turkey earthquake, so all for a good cause! Tickets: NHS Doctor•Best Selling Author•GP on @lorraine + @GMB• President @Natures_Voice •Vice President @wildlifetrusts• Ambassador @savebutterflies
simon_ekpa Lahti, Suomi I remain an unsolvable equation, the more you try to solve who Simon Ekpa is, the more sheet you need and the more confused you become. Anyone who’s work is to solve Simon Ekpa instead of fighting for Biafra, every attempt you make will be mistake and you will always get the… Prime Minister of the Biafra Republic Government in-Exile BRGIE 2023-, human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, Finnish politician.
DrJoLynneW Rochester NY➖St Petersburg FL I heard the Lord say: It’s different now. The progress you will now make, will be incredible. For it will be supernatural! You will go and you will grow; things will flow and you will know… that I am your God, I have gone before you, and I am with you even now. #ThereIsAShift 🔥YOUR LEVEL IS CHANGING… it is time!🔥#Prophetic 📺 TV Ministry: PTL, The Word Network, & CTN💥📖 WED 7AM • FRI 11AM & 3PM • SAT 7:30PM • SUN 9-10PM EST🔥
ReikiRealm6 United States I can now see that taking risks is acceptable as long as the choice you make will ultimately satisfy and benefit YOU! 🤍Witchy Stuffs, Astrology, Tarot card reader, Reiki Witch g .. You can send me a DM to book a reading or appointment..🔮
psalmlab Edinburgh, UK Destiny isn't just a game. It is more than that—breathing living, and built by "real people" who care for the work they create. Remember, whatever you make will be scrutinized, argued over or even complained about. But at the end of the day, gaming bring together every art… ⚡#Dyslexic Senior narrative writer/creator of #OldChicago a Destiny series 🎥 & Neurodiversity speaker | Psalm 42:1 ✝️ #thegameawards Class 21🏆 | Team @BElRDO
crayolascribblz he/him || 17 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 the duffers have the funniest opportunity to make will and robin come out to eachother in a coded way (friend..of dorothy..) and vickie is like me too! but then MURRAY is also like. "I know her very well" n those three Are just like WOAH?? 😭 willel wonder twins pls come home s5!! 😭 || aroace 🏳️‍⚧️ ( moot battle kills: me +1 mel +1 )
BrookesBeautyUK Warwickshire @SimonBloodDeVay @itvnews It's interference in the democratic process and no apology you make will alter that fact. You might be happy to condone incompetence but many of us are sick of it. Holistic health champion, Clinical Aromatherapist, Complementary Therapist, Therapy Teacher, Assessor and online educator. Love the skin you're in.
Donna__McLean A Small Town 'Death planning is not only for the wealthy. It’s not just about the monetary value of what you own, it’s also about the feelings and emotions attached to your possessions.' My somewhat practical column for @PJOpinion on planning for death Writer-Activist-Mum || MD ANT || MA @QUBelfast || Agent @gordonwise @cbgbooks || Columnist @PJOpinion || SMALL TOWN GIRL published by @Hodder_Studio
2NICEBYFAR London UK @TheOfficialGRB Hope I'm around for the big reveal. Gary, don't laugh at the questions I'm gonna put to you but, won't you have to sand it, and if so how much of a difference will it make? Will each flower be one colour or multi coloured? 🙄I know right? Where is this situated? Depressed nurse. Nice, kind, emotional. My companion? - a constant feeling of dread.
btdisres Reading, UK Not made a will? Dispute Resolution's Ally Tow's latest article provides some useful insights as to why you should do so - #probatedisputes Boyes Turner LLP's dispute resolution group. Tweets by Ally Tow (@Shep0118) showing her views & expressions & not those of Boyes Turner or any of its staff.
Shep0118 Reading Not made a will? Read my latest article for some good reasons as to why to do so - #probatedisputes Litigation lawyer and Reading Football Club Season Ticket Holder. All views are my own.
GoodCancerGuy NFT World @aljaparis "The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices that you make will shape your life forever." A Bronx Tale 1994. I should have paid attention when I watched this with my NYC Father at 18. 29 years later still paying for choices made at 21! ! ! ARTIST | NFTs = IRL onPAPER | Web1.0 1994| $Millions Long Gone | Cancer Free! | Now Back at 0 | Never Give Up on Your DREAMS! 🧡
haydensidun Livermore, CA @JoeyMauro1 3) Never turn down an opportunity. If it’s a terrible opportunity, don’t turn it down and just wait it out. You never know if or when the connections you’ll make will come in handy. 4) Don’t be afraid to branch out. That’s how I discovered I enjoy working in legislative offices. Bay Area native. Author and former barista. Researcher @BarbaraLeeForCA. Opinions are my own.
OrangestheTiger Seattle @KizmaHusky Sometimes life puts you in a position where you truly need to look at who you are and what you’re doing. The decision you make will be a necessary. Don’t beat yourself up over what will come of it. It’s your life and you’re taking care of you. 🧡 Building myself a better life, one percent every day. Suggestive AF, absolutely NSFW. 🏎💻🏕🏔📸🛠
TobiInside13 I think the next thing I make will be @gawrgura's trident but idk yet and thanks @Kuronekogood for the idea. #hololiveEN #holoMyth My dream is to be noticed by my idols and hopefully become friends. Banner is from the game Delivering Hope made by @SoftdevWu
Sparing_droid no content is planned and anything i make will be spontaneous as always, illustration is taking a back seat for a while as i work on some other hobbies like my arma mods and 3d modeling. Drawing is hard for brain rn I work on various large nsfw projects. You can find them here they are free. I also make a bunch of stand alone nsfw content!
MikeLovesWill She/her. asexual. 21 When they try to make Will remember, Mike mentions a campaign where Will took the alternative of using the tunnels to escape with the boys and thus not lose the campaign. One episode later we see how Mike gives the idea to take the boys through the tunnels to burn the vines. + “hawkins isn’t the same without you.”.
GuidoHendriks Zevenaar, The Netherlands @TheLightSpeedz Almost everything you make will hurt someone these days. If it’s within your morals, I’d go ahead and make it. Dad, husband, iOS & web developer
tatimili2004 Marriage is like a game of chess except the board is flowing water, the pieces are made of smoke and no move you make will have any effect on the outcome.
ArtsyGameMagi @krystalmelodie None of them are Kirito, and while yes. They do all look similar in detail. Their artstyles are different enough that you can differentiate between them. As well alot of time for anime. Often they'll make will simplify and sometime don't entirely match the manga's artstyle.
BreastMilkEnjyr The fight won't be won by the "right", though - a tiny subset of it, maybe - and it won't be won by looking backwards. We need a new solution Even then, maybe it won't be enough, and all we can do is produce things, and hope that the things we make will inform a better world I enjoy drinking human breast milk Enquiries:
LovesickLychVT He/They (Transmasc) @NightmareDSmile Added you! Basically some tweets I make will only show up for people I add O: so you’ll be able to see them and they’ll show up on your timeline (in theory, algorithm be damned) but people I didn’t add won’t uwu Eldritch Femboy Vtuber! Only sometimes bites! 🍌 Lych/Ly or Sunny ☠️ 26 💔💞: @JuniperPuppyGal 🐙 Comms Queue:
plutorobin zaf | 7TEEN @macmonky there's also only so many new emails I can be bothered to make.... MY POINT STILL STANDS I am actually tim drake and I can tell you that anything you make will not be woobifying him at all mad scientist tim is about to blow up twitter (im projecting)
APHistorian1754 New York “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent and the choices that you make will shape your life forever.” Official Account of “New York, Quebec, and The Water Route to The Center of the World,” @Frenchcolonial, @SMH_Historians, Former APUSH Teacher/History DC, MSEd
InsideRockNews Cincinnati OH, USA @LindzRiot Sounds awesome.. the thing about music is whatever you make will be what some one needs at some point in their lives .. not all music is for everyone and it shouldn’t me or it wouldn’t be meaningful Rock related news, interviews, reviews, and concert photography
Beccaaaaa8 FL The first two episodes of #BelAir pissed me off. Carlton wouldn’t survive living with me cuz I would be on his bottom everyday. He’s trying so hard to make Will scared of him and whole time he’s the real punk playing victim he’s sick😒 FIU Alumna x2💙 | 25♈ | Broward📍| Psalm 46:5🙏🏾 | #blacklivesmatter
RepRaulGrijalva Washington, D.C. The drastic cuts Republicans want to make will slash programs and health funding our veterans depend on. Ranking Member @NRDems; Chair Emeritus @USProgressives; Member @EdLaborCmte and #MustacheCaucus; Proud Rep for the 7th District of Arizona 🌵☀️
StephaniBeatty Blast the news on Binnie, but don't be a ninny. Join TEMU for pocket money that's no skinny. Every search you make will bring in a bit of bling. So sign up now with my invite code <112731746> and let the cash register ring! #TEMU #Binnie
CathyCu17165791 Chicago, IL @Lissa_Mann @GGStyles7 @goIdenmoonIight They didn’t make Will Smith leave at the Oscars and he physically hit someone, also I am not sure if Kayne was escorted out when he took over Taylor’s speech. It’s like they don’t want confrontation. Also who would sabotage him? Music and Sports Lover from Chicago. Go Blackhawks
SaraStitchery —be doing ‘Made to Order’ items anymore. I have a few items up at the moment that will continue to always be MTO (such as the frogs and mini scented bees), however every other item I make will be on a one or two set basis. Made To Order items have drained my drive to be — Hey, my name is Sara, and I like art/yarn! Visit my shop for some cute items! || If you would like custom-made gifts, DM! || PFP by @CitisStreets || 24, She/Her
JfoJanet Lehigh Valley, PA @PapiTrumpo An indictment doesn’t a felon make. Will see when it’s Joebama’s turn to face same for allegedly far worse: money laundering, acting as a foreign agent, accepting money from PRC and pay for play with Ukraine. Hush $ is legal & boringly common. Wife, mother, grandmother of 9, lover of 8 fur babies, Woman of Faith, Truth lover, patriot, lover of fact-based science. Got Truth?
tombarrister Chicago @NBCSBears @Schrock_And_Awe I have full faith in the front office. Whatever decisions they make will be good. Long time White Sox fan.
nincotic under the water please help me Alright if you want in my circle and arent already (the next tweet i make will be in the circle so you can check) let me know ill add you Diver, Photographer, Dungeon Master, Leftist, Optimist, Futurist. Los Angeles born, raised, & proud AuDHD, They/Them, 18
MelodyFergerson Tuscumbia, AL @CNN Best President ever and no post you make will ever change his accomplishments or the downfall of our country since he’s been gone. #TRUMP2024ToSaveAmerica RTR ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE ATHLETICS! Retired Instructional Coach, Graced Southern Born & Southern Bred.. I’M IN THE HEART OF DIXIE; DIXIE’S IN THE HEART OF ME ♥️
TerenceMallon Ireland @News_Letter Any agreement nationalist make will always be inline with Irish unity, anything other than that nationalist will not agree. This is our objective plan and simple. Whoever signed up to the GFA knew this so this is nothing new Jim Proud Irish nationalist, looking forward to the day of Irish unity
VBellveil Matthieu and Verad have met, because Matthieu started as an NPC in a storyline before becoming a real boy. It's also plausible that other OCs I make will know of Verad in FF14 because of his reputation, but the reverse won't be true. FFXIV Roleplay Profile for Verad Bellveil, Duskwight Peddler and Nuisance. Determined to ruin your freeform with dice. Avi by @tierganvashir
sbspalding Florida, USA @realtimeai And yet, many speak about this as if the choices we make will inevitably lead us to either full extinction or FALC. This seems like a really sloppy way to reason through such unprecedented times. Vocationally: word writer, thought haver, things maker, market minder, machine wrangler. Professionally: model tamer, data charmer, check writer, growth doer.
CaptainTripps4 voodooville Hear me out. Taking things like basement away or making powers not work when near hooks and q lot of other suggestions ppl make will just make the game more boring. The basement especially is a high risk. It's really not that hard to avoid unless you get in a bad position. But Prestige 100 Kate main😍Working on P100 Jill Mr. DBD The Head on Champion and tag team champion of the Fog! Who do you Voodoo b*tch!
yourdoorstep_co Delhi, India legal professionals is able to ensure accuracy and timely processing, so you can rest assured that the changes you make will be done correctly. YourDoorstep is best Government Documentation Consultant in India. Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate , GST, MSME, Apostille, FSSAI Food, Shop Registration
1057Seamus Ireland @moneillsf @rmcgurk The biggest political gesture you could make will be to give your invitation to Jim Allister. It’ll get the wee bollix out of the country for a couple of days and no one will have to look at him or listen to his bigoted ranting. Go on - sure we know ya want ta! 😂 Seen it all before - heard it all before. At the stage in my life when I can’t stand crap talk from anyone.
Strikketanten @NannaOfDragons The portion I make will fill a large cookie tin, with some left over for hubs' munching. And if you're in a decadent mood, they can be dipped in melted dark chocolate up to the half-way mark. Recipe in Danish further up the thread. Grumpy Danish badger who knows: Woman is born, not worn. Team TERF ftw. Can I be the biggest Billygoat Gruff? Den Store Bukke Bruse lyder bedre, men ...
MARIsBreaktime on a comfy picnic blanket ♡ @doughie143 i’d absolutely love to see what you’re able to make ! i’m sure the possibilities are endless and everything you strive to make will turn out wonderfully ! 💜 hello there ! ♡ i’m xion / mari ! 💜 ❀ piano enthusiast ✧ 🎹 ❀ feel free to DM me ! ✨ ❀ all it costs is your love ! 🎶 ❀ my likes tab is not spoiler-free ‼️⚠️
Sean_Quigley87 @BO3673 @MichaelShurkin I have no fears for myself. What do I have to fear? Your issue is that you simply cannot reconcile the power and responsibility that free Americans have, the right to keep and bear arms. No argument that you make will change that. Freedom is priceless - AntiCommunist - Liberty or Death - power corrupts
BobbyWi41060703 @BartLad69 Bart, If anyone that believes in Irish unity. Must realise that in a new Ireland demographic make will change to 3 blocks. Green/gaelic. Orange/british identity. Non Irish born. This new reality must reflect this and respect it a new redesign Ireland. 🇮🇪🇺🇦🇺🇲🇪🇺..Would like to see a New Ireland for all our people North/South. And its traditions/cultures respected and cherished equally.
CopernicusSon6 @birdsrnotreal2 @xpugHODL i did not marry a frugal woman lol. she had bad financial habits and i was a financial dictator by nature. i keep an open book policy with her so she can ask and see finances anytime she wants. she just needs to trust the decisions i make will be whats best for her and babus More #bitcoin twatters, more problems bish
BobbyWi41060703 @JamieBrysonCPNI If Irish unity is achieved, Ireland new demographics make will have changed to 3 block. Green/gaelic. Orange/british identity. Non Irish born. And new redesign Ireland must reflect this and respect this new reality. SF are doing this today by attending british Royal coronation. 🇮🇪🇺🇦🇺🇲🇪🇺..Would like to see a New Ireland for all our people North/South. And its traditions/cultures respected and cherished equally.
FWordsPod Nashville, TN @TPahhka It's not undying hatred as much as undying belief he's average at best. So, no I'm not a homer in the sense that I think every pick they make will be great and makes me change my mind Award Winning Nashville-based podcast providing smart and entertaining analysis of #Titans, #NFL, and other football topics.
ColeWeekender1 Click here 👉 What I came to realise is this... We live a life of choice. And what this means is, you're given the choice to steer life in the direction you want to go, But this doesn't mean every choice you make will be the right one. weather you right or wrong, you will reap what you sow I help coaches and consultants with direct response marketing get started
Congressizazzho @JanaEsso @wohskraps There were three choice: 1. Comply 2. Become unemployed for noncompliance 2. Become unemployed for noncompliance and burn Ottawa to the ground I understand why so many chose option 1, but there will soon come a time when the only correct choice to make will be option 3. All resemblances to StatismIsCancer, Anarchist_rants, Progressivelym1, and Librtyisanarchy are intentional and uncoincidental
MARKGOW55207888 United Kingdom @New_Legal_ lol what you think going to happen, we going to rush to Xbox, ms will lose a fortune on Cod alone,any gains you make will crash and burn in the end, having fun, making money, life to short.enjoy what you have in life,

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