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LenaBussman2 Because of the economy I think it would be very wise if they would record a teaching lecture series put them on CDs and sell them online and that's also for the meditation and healing the profit they make will help with funds for the church which is a historical building Your Imperial Majesty Empress of the universe and humble artist* The Poet,The Prophet, The Priest- Film Director Who Loves U Baby!!#
21EMA_55EMA Bengaluru, India All the hard work and sacrifices that you make will pay off. 🚀 Manifest it! 💯 Engineer ⚙️ Learner 📝Rome was not built in a day but Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed in a day | Live & Let Live | Vegetarian 🌿 Save Water.
68thbreath Islamabad, Pakistan Every relationship goes through a series of tests where things get harder and bitter which will either make or break the relationship. Those who could make, will step into another level and in another level, there comes another test again to make or break. Die with Memories, not Dreams 🦋♥️
SamanthaMalin London, England Honestly, how do you make Will Smith (the most sparkly and charismatic of men) seem dull ?? #SuicideSquad Citizen of UK/Australia/Nowhere. Lapsed lawyer and recruiter. Likes: travel, writing, politics, food, cats. Looking for new work opportunities.
melfarra123 All the hard work and sacrifices that you make will pay off. 🚀 Manifest it! 💯 I like to invest 😃🇺🇸 Follow for charts and good analysis🚀📈📊 If I’m not in your discord server than is it even good? 🤨🤷🏻‍♂️
boogismybf mew xe she can u guys make will wood have a giant fanbase and not gatekeep him cuz i want him to get big so he can collab with ariana grande chum chum kinnie
CRStudios1 Savannah GA #TBvsNYY yankees forking suck, it's offical. This team will swing at miss at a little league travel teams fastball. Every little mistake the pitchers make will be hit 400 ft. And if we don't have the lead we are not gonna win. Brickfilmer TFOL bricker #wewantalegodailyplanet Co Host of the NAALP Podcast PFP IS THE GOD GUPTILL
Tigray83325258 @Henok11914869 @hagos_eden This school project was planned years ago but now they are dealing with overwhelming demand of children and women who’s lives being torn by the war. I know Lola since it’s foundation and I can assure you any donations we make will make a big difference on our people. Stop #TigrayGenocide
ZGreedo This music crap not for the fragile minded, if you care too much about what everyone else thinks or you’re creating to please everyone else you will find yourself unhappy. Go with your gut, craft the music you love, and the people who love what you make, will find you. 👇🏽Chapter 1. CITY OF JORDAN
Theobius @CBCTheHouse 4/ monitoring every transaction you make will be built. This will have to be inserted into all commerce. All will be controlled by unelected business (banks) who completely control your money and how you can spend it. CL places the onus on the consumer not to consume while /
MarciHealy @DylanCMcDonnell Words matter, to be true to myself, any decision I make will be the right one because I will make it so. He always read poems (101 Famous Poems). I could go on and on. He listened and heard me. Respect my mother!
Sportsblogfc Louisville, KY And Olympics, they will have a decision to make. Will they play in the NWSL with Racing Louisville FC or remain overseas for the rest of this season and request their rights be made available to L.A in the expansion draft after this season. Louisville's home for Louisville City FC, NBA to Louisville and more!
catharinelp England, United Kingdom Travelling with children… It can be daunting and exhausting at the time but the memories you make will be treasured forever. What's your funniest travel memory with your family? ☺ ✈ #Travelling #Children #Memories Insta - catpage9 Avon rep.
bctrenor Durham, NC @offstageleft @_jack_fox_ And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I just got off a stint covering casinos at work, and they are ALL moving into this space. Every major sport now has deals, states are legalizing it every month, the amount of $ they're going to make will be eye-popping. NC born, Durham by choice. Pragmatic liberal, scalawag, NC State grad, historian, gourmand, gamer, geek. Expect absurdity, 🐶, deep dives. 🍩🥁🌊
kevinxku Nashville, TN Took a little unplanned break but I’m still making pins and everything I make will be posted up at @ scaredycatcollectibles on Instagram! Got some good stuff coming up and some non wrestling related things MLW. VIOLENCE IS FOREVER. Probably listening to Jawbreaker.
StueyPhooey Scotland, United Kingdom @truthorbare @bellesareblue @NicolaSturgeon @theSNP That's why @NicolaSturgeon has no plausible economic plan for after independence. For @theSNP are like arsonists and the destruction itself is the goal. And every promise they make will disappear in the smoke. Hate UKIP: Love Brexit. Hate SNP: Love Scotland & UK. Hate EU: Love Europe. Hate Trump: Love Reagan. Working class: Hate Socialism, Fascism & Anarchism equally.
_Kellette_ New Orleans, LA When ever I get to work with @AndersonPaak and/or @smino that’s when imma know I entered the *the greatest of this generation* group chat and I know whatever we make will be the ultimate vibe ⚡️ | 432hz | Tip Jar: $kspen26 | ♐️♑️♊️ | Spotify•iTunes•YouTube•SoundCloud
leslekieuart deep depth brine pool Every day I hope and fear that whatever creative work I make will be a real life Garth marenghi’s dark place illustrator and professional clown he/they business inquiries:
LouiseTbeauty Taking children travelling… It can seem daunting and exhausting at the time but the memories you all make will be treasured forever. What is your funniest travel memory? ☺ ✈ #Travelling #Children #Memories I successfully run my own Avon business and team and love every minute of it! My store is open 24/7 for you
Agrizzi8 @gerritthetrader @mish_za @FrugalLocal SARS treats crypto like a financial instrument. So the gain (or more likely loss) you'll make will be the same as for buying and selling shares. This is different from the taxation of currency. South African. Non-aligned. Sometimes sarcastic, sometimes flawed, always my own.
IpcrapaRay5 मुंबई, भारत Marriage is like a game of chess except the board is flowing water, the pieces are made of smoke and no move you make will have any effect on the outcome. BHAGYAS X CHAHATEIN IN GOA 12yearsinazkaban_2
LyoaSourced It's saturday and we are out here doing the work. Sourcing abroad is expensive and time consuming, sourcing local is a little less expensive but labour intensive. The decision you make will all come down to the resources available to you, money and time or labour. However 1/ we make beautiful souvenirs from local produce for all events. we make scented candle from Beeswax and sell a beautifully branded raw organic honey
Xranonn Virginia, USA Go hunt. Find national forest and hunt. The stories you will make will last a lifetime. God, Country, Pumps
FHVigilance Oklahoma City, OK Confidence and regret both start in the same place... the choices you make today. One day, or day one, the choice is yours. All the decisions you make will add up to be the person you become. - - Photo by @deadliftsforbreakfast The never ending fight against complacency
seedoftruth1 The truth I doubt they’ll use the “we cleaned up” excuse as contradicts Raquel’s testimony. So what move are they gonna make? Will they try to gaslight the public to make us see things that are not there..Like wine stains, broken glass and blame it on the LAPD? You are done, Amber. ⚖️ Standing on the right side of the roaring rapids #JusticeforJohnnyDepp
44punishedcind one day I will literally be forking famous and every tweet I make will have millions of people replying to me with "this u?" and show some of the horrible or cringy crap I've said on here left wing (for twitter reasons) | I'm an innocent 13 y/o boy, don't ban me :3 discord: cind#4245 | sad boy alt 1: @44catboypiss | alt 2: @44misogynist
Panzer_z @NotPokket but make sure whatever you make will cut and kEEl
JonyOtis United States @ezDeFi Thank you for your announcement; I have always trusted you and am sure that any decision you make will benefit our shareholders. And I'm hoping that the airdrops I'm looking at will be extremely helpful and allow me to support myself. $BSCX $ZD #LaunchZonePoolX #BSCXHeroes I like Defi. I love #BSCXHeroes $BNB $BSCX $TOOLS $ZD $ZDCASH $ZSEED
owen_alcantar Hermosillo, Sonora Forever younger Growing older just the same All the memories that we make will never change We'll stay drunk, we'll stay tan, let the love remain And I swear that I'll always paint you Golden days
mukozuke_ Just give me a fic with mad doctor Hannibal who’s just lost the love of his life Will Graham to a car accident and all that’s left of him is his head, determined to bring his love back, hannibal starts killing pretty boys to take their best parts and make Will alive again 21 yo, she/her
CryptoAtlasYT Los Angeles, CA @Mintrhinopick @cdntradegrljenn And if you want my opinion, I don't see bitcoin replacing the dollar. I think the digital currencies countries make will end up being backed off of bitcoin instead of backed off of gold or the US dollar since btc is finite and decentralized. Content creator. I am a lover of anime and gaming and have an interest in Bitcoin (BTC). #anime #manga #BTC
JRVisscher @Nielo_Gan @Beamer04231 @Rjdlandscapes @dr_beckers @MilMileBattery @elonmusk @Tesla @anuarbekiman @WholeMarsBlog Ive got two on order to replace my ice vehicles. I live in a logging/mining town and the guys with f-350’s and the diesel mechanics already have Teslas and have the trucks on order. Guys with work to accomplish and money to make will be the first converts. The followers next.
espebass Harare, Zimbabwe @thedykezw I just love the way nature humbles ngito. The one who acts make will still cycle every other month and period pain will remind that one’s still female. Hakuna Baba vanoita ovulation Ford lover, cattle farmer and dendera fanatic
SamuelJWeinberg Chicago, IL The fact that hundreds of thousands of people see stuff I make will always be a mix of amazing and uncomfortable I mostly tweet about being Jewish — and other things people hate about me. Executive Director of @PathToProg.
_scopereading_ #Gemini get out and about over the next few days the more new people you meet the more new friends you will make not only will you have fun but the contact you make will be useful on a professional level too business and pleasure can always be mixed Post & Repost 🌌 Astrology Readings 🌠 Follow 👉 Like ♥️ Share 👥 Follow @anthonykekula
ManneredNate @RealYungCripp I'm gonna play this game, but every decision I make will be what a white person would do and see which endings I get 'A very handsome boy.' - Nate's Mom ❤ Pronouns: Pog/Gers Cream Confederate Banner & Icon by: @MissBlubbs
zombie_phin Las Vegas, NV Virtue signaling and shaming people for the decisions they make will not change the minds of the ones your talking to, but it will only lengthen the divide. Lack of social skills and empathy towards different points of view is concerning. Technology has ruined social etiquette Miami Dolphins fan for 35 years. Can we get a ring during my lifetime please? PS4, UFC, Tool, Sepultura, Slipknot, Dan Marino is a GOD!!!
kisserofboys ღ he / nya / mew ➼ 16 mlm bsd enthusiast dont u wonder when the light begins to fade? anf the clock just makes the colors turn to gray?bforever younger growing older just the saaaame! all the memories that we make will never chaaaaange! well stay drunk well stay dead let thr love remain and i swear that ill wlways stroking my dick @schwizophwenic ♡
taurusmoon666 MICHIGAN @fusrofabulous ty!! I wish I could play her in DA4 and beat Solas' bottom but I'm sure whomever the main character i make will suffice lol Jared. Deviant Musician. Synth/Pedal Youtube Person. Michigan’s Prince of Fuzz. Non-monogamous. Dom. Guitar/synth in @bmbstcdrmpssy He/They
itsPusher Toronto Someday something I make will find commercial success and I'll never have to make promo content ever again I make shiny colourful music // he/him // mgmt:
Austinbry96 @DBMR_ART Well it was more of a scam but since getting the 12 words to my wallet Im now locked out of my old foundation because any money i make will go right to the scammers, and that feels more like a hack but really i feel kinda dumb admitting i was scammed 😳 #NFTArtist, digital painter. I paint semi realism, incorporating cartoony elements and saturated colors. Happy to be joining this lovely and growing community
SuspendedSunset hell sorry to all music producers but nothing you make will ever slap as hard as something somebody else makes by taking half of your song and combining it with half of someone elses ffork. he/they? gay. powerful wizard. hell generator. leftist to the very end. programmer. music? shriekingly alive. #actuallyautistic
CarolinaBigYT1 Somewhere near Betelgeuse @DrewDrake @PappaApe @MajesticBeast99 @smiff_sean I've decided to keep them there and what ever I make will go to a local charity. Probably a food pantry to help people who need it. So I hope it goes to 100K. Looking around the universe Hiding behind the planets and the suns Searching for signs of life but there's nobody home.
csl4196 Richmond, VA @Tactical_review I have 4-12 round with me at all times. 2 FMJ for when I decide to go target shooting, 2 Hollow point for every day carry but all with me. Takes 2 seconds or less to drop and insert a new mag. Not one law they make will make any difference. I Always Follow back unless you're Liberal! Might not like my Tweets.#God #USA #BackTheBlue #Trump2020 #Isreal #NoIllegals #1A #2A #Military #MAGA #NRA #ProLife
UKBeautyAvon Scotland, United Kingdom Travelling with children… It can be daunting and exhausting at the time but the memories you all make will be treasured forever. What is your funniest travel memory? ☺ ✈ #Travelling #Children #Memories
DaveyH1991 British Columbia, Canada @jfdotg @NhlForester @DougWeight39 Turris was signed to be the 3C and play a more defensive role. Unfortunately, he hasn't worked out. Not every single move you make will work out, Jay. Reality is, the management and staff have this team in between 7-12 in the Overall Standings. So, clearly, they're doing ok. Oilers fan :)
RocioGMaIH Kerem and Hande what is your favorite place in Turkey?I fell in love with Antalia in your episode,as soon as I can travel the first trip that my husband and I will make will be Turkey I hooked him to Sen çal kapimi that is to say to you jajjaj kisses from Alicante🇪🇦 @KeremBursin Happy
JamesCParrish London @sniffermedia @afelixdacosta the comparison to make will be in a couple of years: Gen 2 car vs Gen 3 car. Should be a sizable jump in performance and reduction in lap time. Helping brands grow via partnerships in Formula E: @EnvisionVirgin. Views are my own. @SpursOfficial fan.
Johnnie__boy Lagos, Nigeria The ability to hear from God or be directed by Him for every decision you make will help you struggle less. Because even if things are not easy he has shown you the light at the end of the tunnel and who else can you trust more if not God. OAP(Liveway radio), Sound Engineer IG: I_amjohnnie
idan59491621 Israel @Tesla @elonmusk Elon You are One Of Kind And I wish everything you make will be amazing like you want Cool Car I will buy 🙂 SmartView in Facebook in Telegram Stock Analysts. Wall Street

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