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Chasten Traverse City, MI MAGA GOP have a choice to make. Will they start focusing on real issues and get stuff done, or will they continue to let the hateful rhetoric drive their party further from voters and reality? Husband, father, teacher, advocate, and bestselling author. YA book May 2023! (he/him)
buffybct Impulsive? Do you remember my ex-boyfriend, the vampire? I slept with him, he lost his soul, now my boyfriend's gone forever, and the demon that wears his face is killing my friends. The next impulsive decision I make will involve my choice of dentures. Automatic bot, posts a Buffy picture/gif/quote every three hours. run by @angclvs
raymondbabs2250 Oyo, Nigeria We dey pray make will know eat enemy food,and the friend no come cook like this 🤷‍♂️ Simple man
miss_tama Lusaka,Zambia One of the greatest life lessons my Dad taught us is Financial independence….to work hard and save, even the little savings you make will make a difference ☺️ Aspiring Farmer👩🏾‍🌾|Consultant | Fitness Junky | World's best Aunty 🤗
justubah @AdAbdulrashid @SaharaReporters @officialABAT @PeterObi @atiku The choices have been placed before you faithful partyman and the choice to salvage Nigeria. Which ever choice you make will judge you in future.
iam__dreyh lagos @_SuccessMinded_ Take control of your life by taking responsibility for every choice you make The daily decisions you make will either make or break you No one has control over you not unless you give it to them Refuse to do that and assume full control over your life Be the boss of your life Digital Entrepreneur 💻| I teach smart young 9-5'ers how to set up a profitable online business with their 📲 to make a fortune and escape the shackles of 9-5
SillyOleTilly they/he | ;) berries @MerryMindymas EVERYTHING U MAKE WILL B PERFECT. My cartoon style is like. Retro and heavy on droopy eyelids and random objects i think if i tried a characture my handbwoukd break in half Nuffin to say here luvz just in it for the laffs xx 💋 (FAKE AND PARODY)
Jrosen636 @__T__Jay__ @troymation @bubba_wubba @GrannysWatch1ng @ThisIsKyleR Nope that’s a lie. He was there to defend local businesses against looters and rioters. He did not plan to kill anyone and only did so in self defense. No amount of left wing spin you make will change that. #FSGOUT
Cuphead_fan_360 @devi_parody Dot: again you have us! Jumps on the coffe table Dot: now if you wanna stay alone on one of the best holidays of all time then do so and if you wanna stay then your good to do so as well but every discussion you make will lead you to a different path Gets off and leaves
mult1_v3rse_ Hope Vs Despair @HxrnyMilkinCows And that was a surefire way to make Will happy. he likes her a lot, but the constant despair ramble is... hard to listen to sometimes. "Change or no... I don't mind this at all. Any part of it. Just me, and you, and our little rascal in a few months..." he sighs, content. Welcome to the show. Events - Dawn of Despair (profile wide) ♡ @_F0RG1V3M3 ♡ ♡ @U_GamerGirl ♡ - Read Pinned - N/SFW
screamforsidney HORROR CHOICES MINI RULES. . . here's how the game works. at the start of the game, everyone will be put into one group chat. throughout, the game different choices will be made and each choice you make will have a different effect. you basically have to play the game as if (1/?) #1 horror movie supporter. hosting horror choices mini-games! . . . how to play: check pinned! . . . scream one survivor(s): @
Armafala @machineiv People literally build models off peoples art just for saying they don’t particularly like AI. lol nothing you make will be on a plane they can’t reach. Any art will just be fodder they can throw in to copy you. And it’s only going to get easier to do so. 3D Animator:
Scribe_Light Above The Sea Fog With Iger back in the driver's seat, and Feige not going anywhere (I'd be amazed otherwise), any course corrections they make will remain tone-deaf, imo. Social Commentator || Lord of the Night || Always reading it as it is written
YourHotAnimeBf @_demonpuppy On Instagram you can block someone and other accounts they make will also be blocked 18+|he/him|Straight|27|SoftDom|
samdoestweeter NYC+Madison CT @HebHammer94 @horroristheway First, no, it isn’t silly. They aren’t mutually exclusive, but it’s possible focus on one makes the other less likely to happen. Second, Any move you make will affect the overall payroll, and trading Verdugo does mean you have to go out and buy another outfielder. TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2006. Master Criminal. Fan of Lumity. I tweet about Movies, Oreos, Cartoons, The Boston Red Sox and Radical Politics.
tedium_rare @SarahSm93178485 @sheilascoular Why would you set yourself up like this? The only time you’d see the Sussexes is on camera, so how would you know what goes on off camera? You don’t. And none of this is going to make Will and Kate’s relationship look better. What’s wrong with y’all?
andrewfinney79 Sheffield, England @Mr_WestCoast @WallStreetSilv You're building on a foundation of sand, and everything you make will be washed away in the first storm. In the end, it would have been better if you'd never done anything at all. Games | Politics| Resources | Nonsense.
ghostillyy time to make will and billy as father and son if i don't post it pretend i never said this 🐢 en / br . any pronouns 15yo . basically all yuumori
carlsbad202 New York, USA @POTUS @JoJoFromJerz You’re doing great. Being POTUS is an impossible job, any decision you make will have millions of people opposed to it but in my opinion your leadership and decision making are solid. Nothing really
iancobbs Detroit, MI Life without happiness or the pursuit of happiness is a life in search of meaning. You have plenty of possibilities that lie ahead of you in life, and every decision you make will take you down a path with more possibilities. Choose what makes you happy. artist, crossfit, firefighting, food, gaming, nerd, nfts, producer, soccer
Viri_loquax Warwickshire, United Kingdom @LauraPidcock I'm working class, I have some of those things and working on the rest. The choices I make will determine how successful I am, not politicians or twitter When someone says you can't do something, they are showing their limitations, not yours!
FabuPonah Australia @scribblerox I'm sure whatever you make will be great And even if you don't think so every drawing can only get better Having a critical mind helps U to see flaws and improve just don't like it deter you from starting because of the fear of imperfection or failure Aim to improve not perfect! ✨26 | 🦘Aussie | 🌈Demi/Pan/Poly | 🖌️Freelance artist and Twitch Partner🌱| 🐶Casually either a dog, dragon or otter | 🌸Let's be friends!! 💖
FormerSpring Wessex @MissBabington Agreed, the changes RM bosses want to make will turn it into another White-Van-Man parcel franchise, with rip-off profits going abroad and overpaid bosses. Old, slow and grumpy git. Likes rocks, steam railways and some trees. Is picky about trees. Worked abroad, lots. Rides a mountainbike, slowly, mostly on level
24noah Norge My first time using photoshop and trying to learn it. Heres my first "thumbnail" ive tried to make:) Will keep working on getting better! i watch gamblers gamble. and attend in multiple giveaways. wins = 1. "Currently trying to learn Photoshop"
lubamiteva It's true - the memories and the feelings and the connections we make will remain. ❤️ ATINY. Hotteok. 디디. STAY. '90 liner. She/her. ISFJ-T. Now taking business enquiries for Albert and the Geese.
csfd_org Schaumburg, IL These donations you make will return to you as a more decent and developed society. To donate, you can contact us at 🏫 #charter #investment #education #charterschool #charterschools #charterschoolusa #donation Charter School Finance & Development Inc
Just_Nyra @Touyarokii Meeeeeeeeeeee 😅 I’ve been streaming it so any progress I make will be on stream and since we just had Thanksgiving and I work, time hasn’t been my friend 🤣 Just a gal not knowing what she’s doing with her life sometimes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Nyra wasn't long enough XD Come watch me stream: Schedule TBA
AuthorSJB Leicestershire, UK @mssakshinarula @JenVanderputten @anishbhalerao @bhavya_58 Thank you, Sakshi. No worries. I guess some decisions people make, will never make sense to others. She must have her reasons, though, and she’s made her decision, so obviously I respect her choice. New novel coming out in Spring 2023. When God’s Wind Blows is the sequel to In Shadows Waiting, • Kindness • #WritingCommunity • #BertieBudgie • #DoctorWho.
mattttcarroll Richmond, VA Yes, the study you chose and the decisions you make will partly direct how things go, but you can reinvent yourself many times, learn new skills and choose a different path whenever you want. I write about trusting the process to reach your goals. Websites & Copywriting - Copywriting course for Web designers -
TaxLandNotMan Chicago @timecooke @TherumFollower And before we fix the land problem, all the progress we make will only make the rich richer and the poor, poorer. Our nation is like a plantation. Sure, it would be nice if the slaves were able to eat better, but the result would only be that our masters would reap more profits. The solution to all social problems is to allow #Equality in access to NATURE and #Freedom among SOCIETY. #TaxLandOnly #LaissezFaire #EconomicJustice #Georgist
latayprime Limbo, Inferno (level 1) @nypost The Yankees need him back to market the hell out of those 62 homers. Without him they can’t. That’s the biggest reason they’ll want him back. All those Yankeeographies and specials they won’t be able to make. Will hurt their bottom line. Liberty enthusiast. Constitutionalist. 1987 RGMMV Little League World Series Champion. "My side ain't chosen. My side was given."
simos_chris Rockaway Park, Queens @Raymond58453053 @agwarner @FlagshipWMG @paulrubillo @401kAnswersNow @SJD10304 @EconomPic @cdelahunt1 @SECNetwork @StevenACohen2 2/2 Met fans cherish Daryl today and Jake will be cherished as well when he retires. However, both their decisions although respected as it was theirs to make will taint their Mets history forever. Jake missed out on being next David Wright. A big kid! Love sports, poker, surf cast fishing, & stock market. In Financial Services for over 30 years
thebillymassie Website Coming Soon @matt_gottesman “Before you do anything, put your trust totally in God and not in yourself. Then every plan you make will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3 The Passion Translation Helping people reach their full potential and design life on their own terms. Writing about Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances, Fellowship, Fulfillment, and Forte
sinsindick4din ✨Art in moments✨ @satoshioishii You set your expectations too high for yourself, so now it seems like anything you make isn’t good enough. Maybe doodle them for a while and just make rough sketches instead of fully rendered paintings. Whatever you make will be more than good enough for us :) they/she • age 22 • (L)GBT • 🔞art only: @DARKsapphinese • sfw: @sapphinese • ❌MINORS DNI❌ • multiship GL/BL/femdom
keshawnrants in stuff (now why am I in it?) I'm enjoying all your AI portraits but i don't wanna do one for myself, nothing the computer will make will do the real me justice bc i just don't think they're capable of that and i don't wanna disrespect me KeShawn, regular degular astrophysics phd student. i cooked, i served, i ate. no hateration or holleration in this dancery. he/they
taejuning In a perfect world, queer artists could write and show queer characters without their gayness being the focal point but unfortunately in the world we live in, nothing is without politics/apolitical and until queerness is more widely accepted, everything we make will be seen as I’m Rhiannon. I like kpop, pedagogy and cute girls. #1 Solomon, don’t @ me 🏳‍🌈🏳‍⚧thoughts/opinions my own. they/he, 32, mixed black. 20+ to follow please
sanjaysudula vizag, India 🇮🇳 Such a beautiful film ✨❤#Aakasam #NithamOruVaanam 💫❤ @AshokSelvan Do you choose only beautiful and classic movies or are the movies you make will becoming a classics...?give me rly❤ Waiting to see you in telugu straight film❤ 𝓢𝓽𝓾𝓭𝓮𝓷𝓽 𝓤𝓹𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓔𝓷𝓰𝓲𝓷𝓮𝓮𝓻 ❤ 𝓓𝓪𝓻𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓟𝓻𝓪𝓫𝓱𝓪𝓼 ❤💥
PhillyEagles924 Indiana, USA @travler_j @RanyhynRider @mtaibbi No they didn't. They all lied!! The FBI gave the heads up to facebook and Twitter and the story was taken down and covered up. The FBI was weaponized for democrat gain. The democrats and Twitter has been exposed. No claim you or the democrats make will change it. Conservative beliefs. Believe in real biology. No wokeness here!! 2nd Ammendment supporter.
Fiberalpha Winnipeg, Manitoba @NHL_Watcher I will say this you can't have a team full of rookies with zero leadership and experience. Whatever decision Gorton and Hughes make will be the best for the team. Fun 24/7\365
miwi4life ~°•,. 19 | any pronouns .,•°~ why would they make will gay and canonically inlove with mike and have so much screentime and so many heart to hearts together for them not to be endgame? surviverd byler twitter in august | fave ships: byler, reddie, elmax and lumax | multifandom but mostly stranger things
TristanAnGeLo20 My world of make believe Finally after a whole day of building and grinding! I am now done with the second house in my island! The house I will make will be based on my friends. For now its for @calculus03_ Elloo beautiful people of the world. All my content is Adopt Me! and Roblox based. Has one mission that can’t finish, Make the world a better place…
thealphatruths 8. Choose the long term network and the connection over short term bucks Over the years, the money you make will be largely based on the number of people you know. Well, having higher value connections makes your journey twice as easy. 📌| Building masculinity 🐺| We are wolves among sheep. These are the hardest pills to swallow. Follow for daily drops of masculinity.
AaqilAhmedh Sri Lanka @TobiasE97319503 @AliAbdaal What a wonderful message! Everyone is different and the stories we’ll make will be different too! You tell me.
Mr_Ceppah Ballston Spa, NY Okay starting a media thread because it sounds fun and I like when people know everything possible about me and what media I consume I guess this creature from a scrapped minitourney I was gonna make will be the mascot for this cis white autistic 16 year old | Black Lives Matter and All Cops are Bastards | Octodaaaaad, fork | he/him
ChasingLions_ Overland Park, KS @PrinceTheOmega Naw, I mean when you sliced the bun in half to put the patty in it Learning process though. Next burger you make will be perfect. I recommend buying a thermometer and pulling the patties at 155 degrees. Perfect temperature. Something like this 👇🏼 Fashion enthusiast and 3-stack hater for @SithGG | | Inquiries: | 한국어 배우기
TambaTimo3 Kampala, Uganda Every level of your life you make will demand a different version of you. But those levels will never demand a different God. Always invite and put God first in every level you make in life. God bless you. be an alpha built on grounds of kindness, empathy, humanity and confidence
Estelle_Tweets @vitosbts Toxic people will make you feel worthless. But we can’t let them define us. I know you’ll find someone someday, and they’ll love you and treat you right. I promise that the imprint toxic people make will diminish over time, and you’ll learn to see yourself as wanted. 17- She/Her - Banner @devzuren
forkingLoveBees Before anyone panics: I'll still be posting here, just that the stuff I make will get posted to pateon a few weeks early, and patrons will get some fun extras like sketches, timelapses, etc. 18+ ONLY (AGE IN BIO OR ELSE) 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 23, queer AF, Artist, writer, fantasy dildo enthusiast. May contain problematic crap. Don't repost my art.
ATXchargersfan @Tha_Frederation I'm just waiting for people to wonder why Lombardi can't establish a run game like he's going to magically make Will Clapp and Forest Sarell into Kevin Mawae and Johnathan Ogden. Austin, TX. ⚡⚡⚡ Into sports cards and such as well. Go Padres Go Chargers Go Austin Fc and Go PSV
Doogie2054 @amyboughner Sobeys & Loblaws / Atlantic Superstore are posting record profits in the wave of 10%+ inflation and people flipping a coin to see if they will be warm or eat. Any donation I will make will go directly to the Salvation Army they have a proven record of putting the poor first.