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OG_ayemone InG I have free will. It’s my soul and my physical pain. God doesn’t even have a human body. You don’t understand how a knife or bullet would feel questions or opportunities here: .. I wish people would tip jar me for my wallpaper. I have a website:
JohnMar05239136 @Cyberace1985 @waltermasterson I have free will, and willingly choose to love and serve The Lord God. Death has no fear to me. Back for round two, still the same old fun loving guy. #IFBP #Florida Still not afraid to call out a bot. Trump supporter, conservative, DeSantis
Cryptidly_ 🇸🇰 he/it - support me here ➞ Sometimes I forget I have free will and can just, go somewhere or do stuff * i do art and stuff YEP * i draw gore/horror sometimes so beware ‼️ * MULTI-FANDOM, i draw what i want * commissions open, check kofi * dteam stans fork off
LindaG_RN Arizona, USA @sigbar1085 @realDonaldTrump I am smart enough to understand that I have free will to vote for who I want and that vote will go to @realDonaldTrump and #NeverDeSantis. Does that answer your question? 🇺🇸Proud American and common sense Conservative 🇺🇸 #Trump2024 #NeverDeSantis #NoOneButTrump
spidair Earth, Norway, Viken, hoxun @Allah16809420 @TakeThatDarwin @_CROPES_ @Kitty71052501 @MrFUrmother @Skeronika @CruzDeBorgona_ @GreenTheAtheist Do I have free will? Can I just free my will and fly? Free will is just something made up so religious ppl can claim ppl just can “will” belief of a god… can’t be done alive, still...
roborish remembering that i have free will, can do and think whatever i want, and have the power to change my life: 🫨 forever & always
fantasyguts your basement |18+ ONLY| MDNI @femdepth when i’m bored at night i remember i have free will and go outside to stare at the stars ✧ 𝒚𝖔𝖚𝖗 𝖓𝖊𝖜 𝖋𝖆𝖛𝖔𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖊 𝖋𝖆𝖓𝖙𝖆𝖘𝒚 𝖇𝖔𝒚 𝖙𝖔𝒚 ✧ he/him | 20 | femboy twink | absolute brat
714droopy on your bitches wishlist. i have free will… i can do whatever tf i want and no one can stop me 🙂 i can even jump off a bridge if i wanted to and that’s tempting asf 𝕱𝖔𝖗𝖌𝖎𝖛𝖊 𝕸𝖞 𝕾𝖎𝖓𝖘.
robrajob he/they • 19 My brain every once in a while when i realize i have free will and can draw anything i want 🇲🇬 KURODA ENJOYER/HPMI. Roommates with a reinui. Draws, thinks, makes some friends, and some memes. 18⬆️ PLEASE READ MY CARRD BEFORE FOLLOWING🫶🏽
mom_omega Austin @ZaleskiLuke @elonmusk I have free will. I get to choose who or what gets my attention and how much. Thus, mine own world I shall create. How about you?! Shanti walkers
dancingraiin icon commissioned by: @kazwuya oh yeah i forgor last night racher and i got endsinger in roulette and at the end i put “gg (good graha)” but then i realized i have free will and can put that at the end of all my runs if its a post graha reveal dungeon | kyomie | “Where's everyone going, bingo?” | 22 |
ashraqatttttt under a cherry blossom tree feeh feseekh fel tallaaga and i have free will whatever taylor swift said
fakeveggie When I remember I have free will and can watch 2008’s Mamma Mia! at my leisure
voidofviva 19 | black | ed vent When I realize I have free will and can make pancakes whenever I want ༺☆༻
juuustmorgan Laramie, WY I forgot I have free will and suddenly I am no longer depressed unhinged in a tasteful manner MAYBE • blm • im dumb lol • 🩷💜💙 • she/her • private @afterhoursMorg
silkstatues 19 | they / them sometimes i forget i have free will like i just left school and im sitting in my kitchen making guac. life is good.
cherryxmoons sometimes i remember that i have free will, like i legit can change my name and start going by barbie. who’s gonna tell me no? absolutely no one. maybe they will think it’s silly but idrc 6teen ♡ she/her ♥ lesbian ♡ infp ♥ cinnamoroll and tomie luver ♡
kittywithguitar "this mf too poor for Twitter blue" no I have free will and can choose what I buy, not what a billionaire manbaby tells me to buy 30|He/him|Gay AF ragdoll cat furry guitarist metalhead|Trying to be SFW|pfp:@himacat_art
gozaimassuru eng|日本語|esp Remembering i have free will and ate a spoon full of peanutbutter my glasses are the shield to my soul... also i can’t see. ⭐️art acc: @nemuimin💫 {she🌻they}
cultsal any pronouns 18 just remembered I have free will ! (wrote an entire thread on kyos voice in kisses and then deleted it because I am physically capable of shutting myself up) ♱ v系 + mcr *ੈ✩‧₊˚ ⇄ @dailykyuho @dailyxxxiT
chlopuddin in his head me once every 5 months realizing i have free will and i can go anywhere i want for however long i want so realistically i don’t need to go home tonight ^3^ | my @nic_fps💘
gioviigi riddler’s crusty apartment just realized I have free will and nobody is stopping me 🤯🤯 19 • she/her/them • hannibal kinnie💔 • "he left us his broken heart." • hannibot's most annoying user • proship dni
emma_britain3 sometimes i forget i have free will and can really do whatever i want yes i’m probably talking about you
rivernovaa I literally forget I have free will and can do whatever I want 23 (she/her) leftist ♉︎ ♈︎🦋🍄🧚🏻‍♂️🐌 🧜🏻‍♂️☆
its_shak Today I realized I have free will and replaced the water in my rice cooker with chicken broth and it's so. GOOD. ✨ Associate Level Designer @HiRezStudios on @PaladinsGame | Opinions are my own and don't reflect employer | Trans rights are human rights 🏳️‍⚧️ | He/They ✨
azuretrowers what the fork is marriage without divorce? Ass. Bro I swear I cant stand these African-Americans. Why do I have free will and innate desires if I'm supposed swallow them? Make it make sense.
notjoobs In Cahoots Every now and then I realize I have free will and don’t have to answer to anyone and it’s 10000% okay to smoke doinks and watch men on YouTube build mansions out of clay. Love always wins
carla0836 @Paul07031975 @FizosDad @QPsyOps @humble1kenobi @hodgetwins I have …. Free Will . And until you want to Lethe truth in the word of God ???? Then there is no reason to talk with you …. Have a good life 🙏🏻
monokink just randomly remembered i’m allowed to participate and interact with people on twitter and i have free will 😭 for the longest time i would just lurk because i felt shy but now i don’t give a fork bts, orangutan, and video game enjoyer…filthy moira main :)
thisdoesnthelp but yes please tell me again how i have "free will" and how humans have the capacity to "make choices" and "act on their intentions" i can't even *remember* my intentions for like 2 seconds curious creature
BurnZeZ I start feeling helpless, and distraught for some time, then spontaneously remember I have free will. I then willfully choose to forge the world around me into something designed by my mind and am left absolutely mystified as to how I ever fell to such delusions of powerlessness. ⑨
awfullygreenman 🇺🇸🇩🇪🏳️‍🌈|he/him|19 i’m gonna start unironically using the colon three face now idc what anyone says i am a human and i have free will 👊👊👊 discord: evan!!!#5033 epic: awfullygreenman creator code: AWFULLYGREENMAN #ad non fortnite alt: @awfullygreenguy
StellarrStellaa remembered i have free will on the way to work today and started planning my Great Escape from this capitalist hell they 🦧
ott_to_trot Somewhere in Ohio @JakeBrannan5499 Damn that’s a pretty good endorsement. I just remembered I have free will and don’t have to listen to the poll 👀 Riley. Screenwriter 📝//co-host of @HorrorStruckPod with @CeciliaTolbert🎙//chihuahua dad 🐕//horror movie enthusiast 👹//just some guy 🤷🏻‍♂️//they/he🏳️‍⚧️
hongjongh0 she/her•white•17•rcbyf ➡️ me remembering i have free will and can edit and post whatever i want on tiktok cuz its abt my favorite things not what other ppl wanna see 😱😱😱😱😱😱 ★ pufferenjun enthusiast (used to be squishyning)
thiskatetaylor Montreal, QC "Because I have free will and am choosing to exercise it." 🚣🏻‍♀️🏹🌱🌲🍁🍂🏞️🌎🪲🦋🐝🍄 she/her pronouns | Reading Rainbro | bi babe | | @katetaylor on Post
vhsporn rsn: thrashley i always wanted a man w a motorcycle but then realized i have free will and could get my own motorcycle? wild heaven sent, hell bound
klystttr i love remembering i have free will like just put on my shoes and the funny girl soundtrack and now i’m going to walk around for a few hours everything and nothing all at once
JackFiscarelli Miami, FL @PoliticalOUTL4W @iskylght @sav_says_ @ThePublicaNow Tate just wants to bang a trans Megan Fox. These types of questions are so stupid because the answer is neither because I have free will and don’t have to fork a dude or a woman that looks like Hulk Hogan. South Florida pro sports fan and Neko trainer. #FinsUp #HEATCulture #MakeItMiami #FlaPanthers #NoleNation
jacobnoirlondon from the president’s desk x i have free will, i’m allowed to block who i want, and support who i want. if that makes me a rotted person and a fAkE LuXx sTaN!!! then WHATEVER. if you take this that seriously, i am sorry for you. if you are bothered by the silly title in my dn… i am also very sorry for you. the one and only president of luxx nation they/them #teamkandy #teamlala #teamjaymes
AstroVerbot UK, RSA, South Korea, Russia @HumanoidHistory I believe that I have free will, that I am not a conditioned person, I do not have an influenceable personality... If that is the case then someone please explain to me why I feel compel to like and retweet everything concerning 2001 or Hal 9000? @rickywilhelmson @StanadMakobo Official Verbot of The International Outsider 1/3 preprogrammed , 1/3 Machine, 1/3 Human
freewillagain United States Social sigma happening @DeptofDefense free will we seek is being taken by "old and not refreshed" I am not remastering my self I have free will to become a LGBTQ or other means today Schadenfreude,phenomenology entrepreneurship freeloader Persuasivewriting egalitarianism notviral notnutritionist
lydiabelle__ i always forget that i have free will and can literally do anything i set my mind to… like i could become a seamstres if i wanted to theres nothing holding me back 18
PurpleWOrange Minnesota @pinkheretic I will live my life under the belief that I have free will. Thus I assume I am responsible for the consequences of all my own actions. If I am wrong and do not have free will, then I was predestined to live under the assumption that I have it. 1/2 She/her autistic, atheist, non-binary, gender fluid, pansexual into Lego, dinosaurs, woodworking PurpleRhymesWithOrange on Youtube
bianquitadelrey Tropico I’m craving pork rinds; I just realized the @ 7/11 is open 24 hours and I’m remembering I have free will and can walk out my house at 2 am and grab some chips and a slushie 🥤 “...throw roses into the abyss and say: 'here is my thanks to the monster who didn't succeed in swallowing me alive.”
D3rpyP0tato Scotland, United Kingdom @ItsBen95 I haven't exercised in years due to learning that I have free will, and after learning I have asthma- ✨️Hi! I'm potato and I post SFW furry art.(Digital and physical!)✨️🌈She/They.🌈💸Commissions open💸please do not take art without permission
BroadwayMan123 @OKCowboysBraves @Alvarado15SZN @Anxsks @minjoonieluv390 Good thing I’m Bi 😉 And I have free will so other people can’t tell me what I’m “meant” to be like it’s a prophecy 5⃣/1⃣2⃣/1⃣5⃣ | Black lives matter 🖤 | Love Is Love 🏳️‍🌈 | Chauvin is a murderer (22 yrs)
mars__sand Remembered I have free will, internet access, and like $18 😎 sand enthusiast 🤠 Rice EEPS ‘23 💚💜🔴🤖⛏🧗‍♀️ currently at @RiceEarthSci, soon at @UCLAEPSS 🦉 she/her🏳️‍🌈
clawrez p: @nikuthewolf how did atoms form to create me, and how the fork am I conscious. there are literally bricks with no consciousness, then there's me who can exceed the limitations of anything, I have free will, I'm literally superpowered producer of うるさい music + agender (they and he)
thelyckek @forkjo3buck @LegacyOfRei @PeaceOfNiles @OnlyBangersEth Your zoo example does not correlate. Now if you and I have free will, would you not expect our Creator to have even more of it? He is God and can choose to do whatever he likes. He can decide to kill you today if he pleased. He doesn't owe you any explanation. Exorcist.