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Free Will.

What is the story with Free Will.

GeorgeGammon Curently Traveling Shocking people in comments can’t differentiate between free will and manipulating someone into implementing your will on themselves. Choosing to ignore slippery slope. Shows people are willing to go along with whatever their political team says regardless of how insane it is. Macro Addict | Investor | Real Estate | Libertarian...Through my experiences, I try to help people increase their wealth/freedom. 400k+ sub YouTube channel👇
DavidM_Friedman Israel Another bad idea from two guys who consistently have been wrong on US - Israel policy: to punish Israel for its democracy that finally achieved a stable government. Denying the Israeli people their free will is an affront to Zionism and certain to fail. Personal account. Served as US Ambassador to Israel 2017 - 2021. Blessed to be proud husband, father and grandfather. Founder of @friedman_center
hubermanlab Stanford, CA In the Huberman Lab Podcast, Robert Sapolsky from @Stanford @StanfordMed & I discuss how a major effect of testosterone (in all people) is to make effort feel good. It also can exacerbate pre-existing psychological phenotypes including altruistic behavior. Professor of Neurobiology at Stanford Medicine • Host of the Huberman Lab Podcast • Focused on Science & Health Research & Public Education
guffynicola Vancouver @shaun_hutchings @jprnyct Not necessarily. Ideas can be created I think. I don’t think it’s necessary for them to be lingering out there to be discovered by minds to exist, because of creativity. I do see the argument and mystery of free will and creativity etc, but that is not an ontological issue. A parody of Peter Knight
ChrisLewisLLS Ontario, Canada @RepMTG Hopefully the hordes of Taliban that Trump set free will turn over a new leaf and stop killing people. Retired Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner. Inspirational speaker. Author of "Never Stop on a Hill". Bell Media/CTV’s “Public Safety Analyst”.
somewhat_rabid @maxgigi @LibertyToad @AbRode061010271 @TeeCee032 @EndWokeness Versus what? Spending your time on the internet trying to convince people that blacks don't have a free will and any of their misfortune is the fault of whites? Please. Handsome devil. Mischief maker.
NazareneIlya New Saxony @PhilipDerrida Maximus the Confessor literally taught that sex distinctions were not a part of the original logos of humanity, and only exist in human hypostases since God foreknew the fall of man based on their free will (Pelagian again) - he taught that celibacy transcended the gender binary! A true Protestant.
KarstenC19 Somewhere on this planet @MuzzyAhmed200 @theothergarou @Heisenberq1_ @naufalbudiman @ishowspeedsui He gives you free will to make the choice to follow him or not. However anyone who announces him lord does get eternal life unlike in islam where you give praise to allah and still aren’t granted peace and eternal life i love @postedinthecrib
Timothy00472025 South Carolina, USA @JamesWilbur @kfraser921 @NEWSMAX Praying for me won’t do anything. Remember god gave us free will and doesn’t interfere with that.
HORSEWRECKER lil update/extra info abt this decision: i'll still be posting a certain amount of free content here, and whatever that has already been posted for free will stay that way! i have lots of ideas for new content, but i've realized that actually setting up this stuff costs money! 🔞 • momo 25 🇨🇦 just a lil dude • selectively open 🔊 kink-friendly 🪢
yorkibombbam Spirits and Such @DDevilzAdvocate Raph loves picking up mikey (his youngest sibling) and just places them across different sections of the house. What is he gonna do? Fight him? no you’re small your free will is guided by me. 17! // T/CEST + NSFW + pro/ship DNI ⭒❃.✮:▹ No prns! Call me Yorki ◃:✮.❃⭒ Forever down bad - has Leo kinnie illness
ShrutiG22422034 @Soshowme06137 +get into that😅 I just wish whatever decision he makes makes with his full free will and not in any pressure or just because he has to for someone And he stay happy 😊 FAN ACCOUNT Toxic people and JK haters don't follow! Stream, Repeak JK's songs: Dreamers Left and Right Stay Alive Euphoria My Time Begin My You Still With You
ThomasHarrigan8 @t_e_vaughan @LeisDuch @bryan_johnsen @kJamesMarkk @EichelUlfrich @Bishopoftyler You are sticking near Orthodoxy, and are nowhere near Copenhagen (which is local). You are also assuming single outcome, and free will. e.g. MW is a local hidden variable theory consistent with QM, as superdeterminism purports to be.
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ThomasHarrigan8 @t_e_vaughan @LeisDuch @bryan_johnsen @kJamesMarkk @EichelUlfrich @Bishopoftyler If you want a stronger refutation try The Strong Free Will Theorem. The E-V Bomb tester is easiest to understand and is performed routinely. Bohmianism is Many Worlds in a state of chronic denial. The equivalence is in the predictions.
skymagpie Macedonia 🇲🇰 ・#BLM @Isthefickleone @Encantadoh I guess cause her goal was to control everyone through blood magic and strip them from free will and thus bring peace in the world - and Aatrox disagrees and doesn't want to be enslaved by her Maria | adult | ♊ | fan artist, filmmaker & movie major | video game twitter, #ESO PC name @SkyMagpie ★ Art Twitter @skymagpieart ★ #KaynxAkali ★
_Uo__O__oU_ Den Haag @MartynTwilight @stone_toss Atheïsme states, there is no God, no morality, no free will, everything is just randomness without meaning. But he behaves like there is a God, morality is real, there is free will and no randomness and meaning.
Lu61296678 How do you get out and regain your free will when the sensory system is now warfare
808sAndHrtbreak Grand Line @ArtFromHer being a part of CP0 means he gave up on his own will and would die if ordered to. if we look at the trend of Conqueror's users we'll see that none of the other users fit that type of character and all are leaders/kings that value free will nico robin stan
devari8305 @Stonekettle Yeah but him free will cost a lot of American and Ukranian lives. Block away :) War, eh?
vkamikazes @PandemicTruther But it's all happening according to the laws of the “free market”, obeying strictly the “supply and demand” equilibrium, therefore everybody continues to be free, everything continues to be fair, and free will still reigns.
Msgkcorrector lives in your walls @VideoVader @Gothmog8729 @stone_toss exactly, its derriving the truth from first principles its one thing to say "murder bad" its another to have the reason why its bad (it takes away free will and harms others) your/majesty Grade school principal and rifle instructor PHD in cunnyology Professional Msgk corrector 💢💢💢 ate commies🚁 ate antis 🔞 love 🍭s simple as
ZFunkYeah Pittsburgh Reality is an illusion and free will might not even exist so who I am to decide what is naughty or nice? I could check my list until the end of time and never know.” Comedian/storyteller. Mental health advocate. Comics are for everyone. My album Brains Are Weird now on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and more. He/him/they
SteveM14793564 Jumbrotron @o2felt You are free to believe those fallacies. But saying I’m justifying rape, means you lack comprehension. And you also lack the ability to think on own free will. If going to accept virgins pregnant, water 2 wine, seas parted & mid eastern Jew depicted as white in Catholicism Pearl Jam Fan + Chi Sports & UNC Heels fan. Twitter made me start over, after a decade. Redbird Alum - Bach. of Science
riddimbassline Auckland, New Zealand And again idk if it's my mental health or these gys manipulating cause they want me murdered. Too bad you dn't get to jst manipulate some owns demise bc of your opinion. We all have free will and that's against the law to try and have someone murdered. You're not judge and jury. 🐈 🪴 cat and plant looker afterer 🌸 fresh flower adorer ⛔️ I have pathological lying and forked up trouble making and trolling tourettes like mental health.
blessed_ride Missouri USA Free will and sin - if only it were that easy ✝️ 🕊️ YouTube: Biker and Christian videos
HashtagBars Cartersville, GA Whatever “they say” isn’t biblical. We have a choice (free will). Joshua 24:15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; F&W | יהוה | Autodidact
Banned4PFP @DjehutyR @HarrisOtisO @NathanORTH2 @AndrewNWoodard God didn't create a flawed product. You're right. But he decided to give us free will because forced love isn't love. Adam and Eve were perfect at first. But then they sinned. Twitter banned my account for this profile picture.
yankeeTN42 @julesrprecious Absolutely not! One would be silly to think other wise ...... But ur free will allows for free thoughts and action! #avg#believerinalmightygod#newyorkerinthesouth#2A#trumpismypresident
familyofAdam03 @Lothas__ @LeftismForU "How does my identifing as correct affect you?! I go by the pronouns correct/right I have free will and you have no right to tell me what to believe."
Cami02299662 Foster must be a wealthy progressive ! And she is trying to convince people to allow hov to rape them of all their free will and freedom so the gov can give them a hut and a can of beans! Freedom🇺🇸 of speech is for all! ♥️🇺🇸
TiredMemeClown Living in Gods Light @MaeBae2569 @FilmsWatchman @AydinPaladin Oh look some first year philosophy student stumbling over the problem of evil. How cute. Evil exists because God gave us free will, but humans are fallen and sin prone creatures who more often than not abuse free will. Without free will choosing to be good would be meaningless. It's all so tiring. ✝ 🇻🇦
HMl8HCqjycWyVXC @sagrika11081995 @Hanthlah_HK @AllahGreatQuran First question, we believe that god gave us free will. Humans can do whatever they want. Second question, give me your proof that the Quran changed after Muhammad's death? We have very very old manuscripts from really old days and it is the same - unchanged. أمنية حياتي استرجاع الهوية الحضرمية كاملة غير منقوصة، وإنهاء الاحتلال اليمني على تراب حضرموت الأبية. شكرا عيال زايد 🇦🇪 نعم للجنوب العربي الاتحادي 😊
jencmars The problem is not money, the problem is free will. Artists have free will, AI solves that "problem". It removes the human from the humanities. Artists can question and subvert with what they create. AI only obeys, never talks back, never bucks trends. Illustrator, Fantasy & Wildlife - Nature Photography Enthusiast - TTRPG Player - I like birds and bugs
WRMPMedia @WMusajjawaza That is why He gave us a free will. Human beings are not robots or puppets, if they were, He would be responsible for all the sins and choices of humanity.
Tucci12485939 @SchwingelBarry @The_D_1992 @smasher216 @FoxNews Whether it's true or false has no bearing. God has given mankind free will. If you want to give yours in service to God then you should rejoice and not worry about how others live or how he judges them. Dork.
hippy_podcast Change is inevitable. The beautiful balance between free will & destiny. Would you rather resist and create blockages, or would you rather flow with the universe… no matter how high the tide… and receive your blessings through the lessons? A Podcast For The Wild Soul, The Unconventional Soul, And The Humanitarian Soul…
unboundeddan Philadelphia, PA @BlizzardOfBoz55 @AugustAPC @pinkheretic @FFRF Um, you do know that both religious people and atheists have internal divisions on the topic of free will? Many atheists have a scientistic and reductionistic view that denies the existence of choice. Many believers say that everything that ever happens is determined by God. US Navy Veteran, ex Catholic Seminarian, MA Philosophy, Retired Electrician, Philadelphia Ethical Society, HI rep. NY UN Freedom of Religion or Belief NGO
Pyro1911 @MicahhParsons11 Trump has nothing to do with this situation.. however we gave away The merchant of Death / terrorist for someone who dislikes her nation and went to Russia on her own free will. Good she is coming home however not at this cost!
ThomasHarrigan8 @t_e_vaughan @LeisDuch @bryan_johnsen @kJamesMarkk @EichelUlfrich @Bishopoftyler Bohmianism is refuted by the Free Will Theorem, and by the Elitzur-Vaidman bomb-tester. Reduction of what in the Heisenberg picture?
CarelessReno SE Atl, Ga @JonGaia @idfo @BrandonJDorsey1 @notcapnamerica @___Bonafide 💀 y’all so dumb. when was God here on earth we telling ANYBODY to rape or kill? We have free will and unfortunately for some they lack self control and that scales into sick crap like rape & murder. But that’s HIS doing not Gods, now God has to rewrite a plan cause of said lack Drell ♓️
Rosa67261146 @lifestyle_a2z Every time I see ppl of same s i makes me sick and no longer do I watch that channel &I’m not the only who does that.All my friends and family do the same.Each person has free will but if ex Hallmark Chanel is a family(man&woman)channel why LGBTQA+. Deplorable PROUD to be American, God bless this land, and Trump supporter,God Almighty first family second as well as helping those in need pro Israel
mariaevaMerta CanadaHell __ OVERHEARD ;; Miss Ursula von .. whatever her name is ; "I am glad you have captured Poland ---- ! " Mr -Greenish :We didn't have to take & capture Poland ! The Polish gave us Poland out of their free will !also weapons and money and welcomed 5/6 mill us out of #love ! Art/MusicDM⛔️group👑Per Aspera atAstra©️www Insta most pics mine📱no agents ,fanatics gov ! THE TRUTh will win 🏆
nobuhojimichaan Rhinebeck, NY @TylerAlterman lucifer — which i believe spun off from a comic book series in the fox-now-netflix show ' the funny thing is that outside of core convictions about lying and free will, he _appears_ nihilistic ' 🤭 '
ronaldnetawat Columbus, OH The implications of determinism for our understanding of free will and moral responsibility are still a topic of ongoing debate and research. Physics | Philosophy | Music.
ronaldnetawat Columbus, OH The implications of determinism for free will are that our choices and actions are not truly free but rather predetermined by prior causes. Physics | Philosophy | Music.
ronaldnetawat Columbus, OH The Concept of Determinism in Classical Physics and its implications for Free Will: Physics | Philosophy | Music.
Gusto64185497 @InthePaint206 @inquirerdotnet And Mary said “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. Let it be to me according to Your word.” God gave Her free will to choose to bear Jesus. Mary being asked to bear Jesus and Her saying yes to God is not rape. Yikes.
cordeau1977 @jordanbpeterson Once again on a pedestal, Jordan, Jordan... Right on, free will comes with so many variables and 🥂♥️🌍