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the "value" of the slaves one of my relatives "owned" back in 1857 and now I'm sick to my stomach.

(I was looking over some of my family's ancestry docs. It's one thing to know your family tree includes slave owners, which I already did. It's quite another to discover some of the nuance of what that actually meant.)

Last Will and Testament

Gonna write my will:

I would like my remains to be scattered around Clarence Thomas' house.

I also don't want to be cremated first.

Put my disembodied uterus on his kitchen table.

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Index to District of Columbia Wills, 1801-1920 by Dorothy S. Provine

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from the introduction: "This book consists of an alphabetical name listing of more than 22,700 wills filed in the District of Colombia Orphans' Court (Probate Court) during the period 1801-1920. ... The vast bulk of the wills, of course, were created by the local middle and upper class property owners to ensure that the distribution of their possessions was carried out according to their wishes."

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