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S74 E19 The Last Will and Testament of Horace Crabtree Sutcliffe Curses How did you know it was me Poirot You claimed you were an expert on ikebana monsieur But no one who truly knows ikebana would ever have used a coffee cup that was counterfeit

poirot_episodes Whitehaven Mansions, London S74 E19: The Last Will and Testament of Horace Crabtree: Sutcliffe: Curses! How did you know it was me? Poirot: You claimed you were an expert on ikebana, monsieur. But no one who truly knows ikebana would ever have used a coffee cup that was counterfeit. little grey cells provided by @_wintersonata_ and greatly aided by @earthtopus. running on @v21's cheap bots done quick!

VeryRealAuthor Asleep Behind a Dumpster I didn’t die. But if I do die my last will and testament is for my family to make all of my unfinished manuscripts into “complete-the-story” books. There are at least 60. There’s a list of them in my Google Drive docs. FINDING those 60+ is a whole other matter. Good luck! 23 | Hack | She/It ❦ writer of charmless awkward characters ☆ 👠 currently drafting THE HEIST AT THE BALL

beartrapquote i wrote my last will and testament because life is fleeting and you never know when you or a loved one will die. run by @bellatricksterz molly blyndeff quote bot posts every ten minutes!

jjeonreo ૮₍ ´• ˕ •` ₎ა miko last will and testament jeon jeongguk thinker

ziekscestbot Owner+other bots in following Barok: This...this is madness! My brother's last will and testament? That would mean...that he had chosen to die! Ryunosuke: what it would mean, yes. Barok: No! Impossible! That is utterly out of the question! Bot that posts content relating to the shipping of Barok and Klint van Zieks every hour! Some quotes edited to fit in character limit. CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS

execubot The Notarial Hall, Laterano Now that the last will and testament have been executed, my work here is done. Executor, a professional undertaker sent from the Laterano Embassy, is glad to fulfill any and all contracts. | Tweets every half hour!

SayntedAnon Everywhere @atensnut He looks half dead. What's that a Last Will and Testament? Anon waiting for Justice, Q Digital We're Back! Censored, now let loose back on Twitter. And the best part..Vaccine free Never give up Never give in.

WFlotsam Parts Unknown @bad_histories "Legal successor to the Roman Empire" doesn't even mean anything. They didn't leave behind any last will and testament saying "yeah we love the Rus who don't even exist yet, give it to those guys". You like monsters? Monsters are what I'm all about. Art, articles, and photography. He/him.
shemp357 @MadScientistFF My last will and testament How perfectly goddamned delightful it all is, to be sure. --C. Crumb

NobleKind92 Atlanta, GA @itsginnydi ....not only have we roped in the romantic partners and mutual friends of our original group, but I have progressed to the point where I have a last will and testament for my character in case the worst happens. ENFP Him/He Officially a lawyer now. Carrier of Elden Ring brainrot and host of @BustedLimesPod
ArchInquistor T-Town, Washington @leslibless Fettterneck signing his last will and testament pics. Back again- You can't stop the signal. The U.S. is a Democratic CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, and yes, it matters. America First. Freedom over Everything.

MarcTuffley Glasgow @MadScientistFF Last will and testament Music loving guitar playing goddamn son of a gun

rgtwtf Swansboro, NC @catturd2 @gatewaypundit Will and last testament NEVER REPEAT HISTORY

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