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My last will and testament

AnthoTweets Superior, Nebraska, USA @MadScientistFF My last will and testament Just another twit on Twitter. Likes: NU Husker sports, KC Chiefs, rasslin', sci-fi/fantasy/horror/geek stuff, some rock bands, yada yada. 'Geriatric' millennial

developfwd Glendale, CA @MadScientistFF A last will and testament Dad. Citizen.

dragonknightatl Buford, GA @Thebellablaq I’m sorry 😞 time will eventually heal this wound. I’m a living testament to that after burying my wife last year. It will be difficult but God grants is the strength, peace and comfort beyond understanding Ending one story and beginning a new one.

pbab66 City that rhymes with fun 🇨🇦 @MadScientistFF Last will and testament. #DB4L VROC#22181

countroshculla Cochin, Kerala, India @MadScientistFF My last will and testament Heavy Metal Child of the 90s/Atheist/Star Trek fanatic, Die hard Arsenal and Ottawa Sens fan

ziekscestbot Owner+other bots in following Barok: This...this is madness! My brother's last will and testament? That would mean...that he had chosen to die! Ryunosuke: what it would mean, yes. Barok: No! Impossible! That is utterly out of the question! Bot that posts content relating to the shipping of Barok and Klint van Zieks every hour! Some quotes edited to fit in character limit. CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS

carterusb Sarf Lahndon This is my second to last will and testament, Only a rough draft, A handwritten estimate The Only Living Bot In New Cross

AkilahHarrisEsq Pembroke Pines, FL Why You Should Have a Prepared Last Will and Testament… VIEW TIPS... #familyattorney #familylawyer #estateplanning #will #testament #livingwill #wills #pembrokepines #fortlauderdale Florida Family Law Attorney.

LeonBot98206561 Transvaal @RhodieEx @KoosdlRey Ever read his last will and testament? Thats a rabbit hole on its own. Soli Deo gloria.

KieranYork2 Ohio, USA @giantandromeda Oh hello! Should I start writing my last will and testament now? XD Weed, NFTS, Art, and gaming. 28/Pan/Non-binary.

JessShockley87 @MadScientistFF My last will and testament. CNA. Wife. Mom of 4. Coffee addict. Permanently exhausted human. Wear a dang mask so I can get some rest. LGBTQ+ ally. Nerd. Weirdo.

aimers1992 @MadScientistFF Last Will and testament

phoenixx_chi . Go and write your last will and testament, make peace with your enemies and stop disturbing Nigerians pls We run things, things don't run we

poirot_episodes Whitehaven Mansions, London S45 E77: The Last Will and Testament of William Chadwick: On Easter, Poirot witnesses a masked figure sneaking past the delicatessen. Hastings discovers a smashed clock reading 8:22. Japp remembers the governess Gwenda from The Dog & Walking Stick in Edinburgh. little grey cells provided by @_wintersonata_ and greatly aided by @earthtopus. running on @v21's cheap bots done quick!

VivaGazW Perth, Western Australia @MadScientistFF Last Will and Testament. #MentalHealth | Wakefield Trinity fan⚜| #LUFC | Rockabilly Retro-Kool | My interests are, admittedly, all over the place

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